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Monday 30 May 2016 – Rudyard’s Open Mic Comedy Night (Free!! doors 7:30pm)

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Houston Press Best of 2013 Winner
Best Open-Mike Comedy Night Houston 2013
With a decent amount of local talent, Houston deserves more stages to feature homegrown comics. Thankfully, Rudz has stepped forward to devote one night a week to nurturing newcomers and showcasing seasoned vets…you can check out a rotating cast of characters, for free — you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a more fun way to spend a Monday night. Especially if your next Monday night involves going to a funeral. Trust us, this’ll be waaaay funnier.” – Houston Press
Our Free Comedy Open Mic Show Opens At 7:30. Show starts at 8:00

Sunday 29 May 2016 – One Love: A Benefit for Paco Estrada – Houston Edition (doors 7pm)

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My friend and many of yours as well, Paco Estrada, was hospitalized for the majority of the month of March. He had a variety of issues with breathing, which started because of a nasty case of the flu. Thankfully, he is now home resting and recovering. But as you can imagine the cost of the stay in the hospital and ensuing help he needs will not come cheap – especially for an independent musician without health insurance.

This benefit show is raising funds to help support his recovery and future health. 100% of the cover charge will go directly to Paco. The Dallas show was a major success but I wanted to put this show on since Paco has many friends in Houston who I know would love to help.

In addition, many amazing people have also contributed to his GoFundMe campaign. We encourage everyone to do the same: https://www.gofundme.com/loveforpaco

The Show:
Doors at 7PM
Music starts at 8PM
Tickets: $10 Donation

Featuring performances by:


Hello Planet 


deep ella 



Ryan Thomas Holley

Saturday 28 May 2016 – Visionary Noise presents: Scorpio Rising * Positive Disturbance * Rex Hudson

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Visionary Noise


Visionary Noise Presents:


Scorpio Rising (Austin, TX)

An electro, dance, rock band from Austin, Texas, whose recordings and intense live performances have made them one of Austins premiere entertainment commodities. Hailed as one of Austins best, voted as #1 EDM/Dance band in 15-16 Austin Music Awards.

Scorpio Rising has held top 10 rating in Dance, EDM, electronica, Goth, Industrial, Avant-garde and dj bands in the Austin Chronicle Music Poll over the past years. Scorpio Risings fans have likened their sound to The Rolling Stones meet Scissor Sisters, polished with a touch of Motown.




Positive Disturbance (Baytown/Houston, TX)

With the release of their debut album “Chasing Distance”, Positive Disturbance, an alternative hip-hop band from Houston, TX, aims at breaking the mold by challenging the status quo of what music has conformed to be. Fusing the ever-growing popularity of genres such as hip-hop and rock music, PD has formulated a unique sound that is undeniably unmatched. The diversity exerted by its members through their individual style and input allow for an energy filled performance that must be witnessed firsthand. Over the course of just 5 years, PD has had the opportunity of sharing the stage with numerous national acts such as Cypress Hill, Bone Thugs N Harmony, DMX, Nappy Roots, etc. In addition to this, Positive Disturbance has also gained notoriety locally in and out of Houston through radio play on 94.5 The Buzz and has proven to possess the talent and stage presence to hit the road both nationally and internationally. “Chasing Distance,” which is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, as well as dozens of other digital platforms, hopes to bring a breath of fresh air in the music industry’s current stagnant state. The band that brings whole-hearted energy, compelling lyrics, noteworthy performances and an undeniable message is and will be “the next big thing.”




Rex Hudson (Houston, TX)
Houston electronic musician with lo-fi sounds and synth based themes. Hudson began producing his solo work while studying at the University of North Texas in Denton,TX. His debut EP titled “No Return” was released December 2015.

Friday 27 May 2016 – Generation Landslide * Screech of Death * The Sils

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Generation Landslide (Houston, TX)

“ Trevor Wallace Houston Underground Music Examiner June 22, 2011 – Generation Landslide is Houston’s newest contestant in the race for the garage/psychedelic crown. Combining 1967 San Fransisco and Texas psych through a Strokes filter with a Dylanesque via Roky Erickson vocal style, the band got some much needed attention at this years Free Press Summer Fest. Had they existed (good Lord) 45 years ago, they would be sharing a stage with The 13th Floor Elevators and Red Krayola. But their self-description says it better than I can without hackeneyed comparisons: ” GENERATION:landslide! is a band whose voice comes from the heart and soul of Houston, TX. These people are songwriters…artists…audiophiles. They have a great passion for music and the common man. They are the champions of “garage”-rock and psychedelia; a band of seekers….” Do yourself a favor and check them out at their MySpace page. You will not be sorry. ” – Trevor Wallace – Houston Underground Music Examiner

“Generation Landslide: Their music is an orchestrated blend of inspiration that includes everything from R.E.M. to Patti Smith. The band’s collective influences has helped them develop a sound that is a calculated hodgepodge of rock and roll rhythm with an infusion of catchy pop melodies.” – Bridgette Zabak – The Houston Press-Rocks off aftermath

“Tomorrow Was Yesterday”. The 12 songs on this disc are a refreshing throwback, a collection of smart, back to basics psychedelic songs. You’ll find more genuine artistic feel and expression here and less over-produced glitz or contrived assembly-line material.” – Hollywood Steve Rangel – Houston Music News

Screech of Death (Houston, TX)

“..the righteously named Screech of Death, a relatively new “midtempo old-school punk” combination of two Texas punk warriors and one L.A. import. The Californian is Lisafer, Screech of Death’s lead singer and bassist, whose impressive rap sheet includes hitches with storied goth-punks 45 Grave, D.I., Nina Hagen and most recently Snapper, which also featured Rikk Agnew of the Adolescents.

Joining her is drummer Arthur Hayes, an original member of notorious cornholers the Hickoids as well as The Next and Mystery Date, and a longtime San Antonio scenester who used to book bands at legendary Alamo City dive Tacoland. Although it’s his first band playing guitar, J.R. Delgado’s local punk credentials span notable names like Doomsday Massacre, the Party Owls, Anarchitex and Sugar Shack; he also owned and operated landmark punk/alternative club the Axiom long before east downtown’s so-called “Warehouse District” was trendy.” – Houston Press




Sils (Houston, TX)

SILS is a high energy “flower trio” who combine many contemporary concepts of music and art.


Thursday 26 May 2016 – Pegstar presents: Broncho * Winter (all ages)

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Broncho (Norman, OK)


Blasted grassland, the thin ribbon line of the freeway unspooling beneath wheels, skies stretched wide between mountaintop. It is dream music, foggy, atmospheric, the melodies you hear while you gazing out through fingerprint smeared windows into a constantly moving, metamorphing – landscape…

It makes sense then, that BRONCHO, born out of out a film project, its initial incarnation sparked when founder Ryan Lindsey was asked to create music, “to set to an early 80s punk film.” “That’s all I knew about it,” he remembers, “they were looking for songs that touched this era. And songs kept coming to me and turned something on inside of me artistically.” Lindsey found himself in the midst of prolific run of songs and he liked the idea “of starting out there and seeing where it could go.”

What’s evolved from those first tracks there has been a steady run of success, critical accolades and two full-length albums; 2011’s Can’t Get Past the Lips, 2014’s Just Enough Hip to Be Woman. And beneath it all – the music has been constantly mutating and ceaselessly experimental. From that first inception as a soundtrack in 2010, BRONCHO has taken on a life of its’ own – initial inspiration still there, but now pushing far beyond the stiff confines of score. And what began as an ode to ramshackle, high-energy early punk has become something deeper, weirder, and much more nuanced. The undercurrent of early 1980 punk is still there, but The Ramones pogo has been replaced more often by a kind of Love and Rockets inspired, honeyed, cotton-mouthed drift.

Double Vanity is Lindsey and band mates Ben King, Nathan Price and Penny Pitchlynn steadily moving ahead, transforming the raw angst of the first record into a sound decidedly more layered and complex. Tracks like “New Karma” or “Two Step” riff off the later explorations of punk, culling up refracted images of John Hughes prom nights, love songs echoing from a boom box held high. “Jenny Loves Jenae” and “Speed Demon” strut with an when 80s met 50s swagger, discord transformed into a jagged, frenetic pop. “Señora Borealis” is all bad boy sneer – sensual, moody, with a sly and predatory swagger. “I Know You” is simultaneously infectious and brooding, somehow both exalting and heartsick.

The result is a record that veers gleefully from BRONCHO’s roots, moving from graffiti spray backrooms into a sleeker, plusher sound, a place bright with the polished gleam of chrome and bleached white sunlight. Close your eyes and what you feel is the raw wound pulse of adolescence, what you see behind your lids is suburban shopping mall wastelands, glazed eyes, dead grass, lips glossed in bubblegum pink. There is the burst chest thump of teenage longing, the smell of hairspray and cigarette. There is glow of neon and the glint of streetlight rolling across hood.

Double Vanity evokes a shared nostalgia, for the past and for the unknown future, as BRONCHO takes a turn off the wide freeways and into a world of intimate, intricate – but always universal – emotion.



Winter (Los Angeles, CA)

Winter is a breezy dose of sultry shoegaze and drippy dream pop whose sound was conceived in Boston. Beginning as a collaborative effort between Samira Winter and Nolan Eley, their first recordings culminated into the 2012 EP entitled Daydreaming. Following the release, Samira’s relocation to Los Angeles brought on the recruit of additional members to create a band that would manifest her ultimate dreams.

The quartet released their first full-length album in cahoots with Los Angeles’ Lolipop Records, earlier this year. The album – made from a coast-to-coast correspondence – features yet again a creative collaboration with Samira Winter (LA) and Nolan Eley (NY). The aptly titled Supreme Blue Dream floats on with a youthful sense of nostalgia and romanticized segues into adulthood. Touching on not one, but two languages (English and Portuguese), this bi-lingual group of dreamers do their part to lay us down softly while keeping listeners eager for each tune.

After their own month-long residency at The Echo for Supreme Blue Dream, and brushing shoulders on bills with acts like Luna, Iceage and Craft Spells, the group made themselves a home in the California scene while honing their distinct, east-coast brand of ethereal vocals layered over melodic guitars.

With Samira Winter at the helm, the live band features the talents of Matt Hogan (guitar), David Yorr (bass), and Garren Orr (drums) – a group whose passionate connection has flourished since the four were students together in Boston. Winter aspires to connect others with their inner child by making blissful, beautiful and ethereal pop music. They add love and positivity to the world as well as being positive role models for both boys and girls; especially those who are just starting to form their own musical opinions. Winter continues to tour the world and spread beauty and magic to people everywhere.


Thursday May 26, 2016
Pegstar Presents:
Double Vanity Tour 2016:
Broncho plus very special guest Winter
all ages, doors 8pm
Advance: $10.00
Day Of: $13.00
Box Office: $15.00
Tickets available at:


Sunday 29 May 2016 – One Love: A Benefit for Paco Estrada – Houston Edition (doors 7pm)

Saturday 28 May 2016 – Visionary Noise presents: Scorpio Rising * Positive Disturbance * Rex Hudson

Friday 27 May 2016 – Generation Landslide * Screech of Death * The Sils

Thursday 26 May 2016 – Pegstar presents: Broncho * Winter (all ages)

Thursday 26 May 2016 – Rudyard’s Beer Tasting Dinners with Joe Apa

Wednesday 25 May 2016 – Harvey McLaughlin and the BottomFeeders * The Hares * Blackgrass Gospel

Tuesday 24 May 2016 – 9th Street Stompers * Skrla Steel Trio

Monday 23 May 2016 – Rudyard’s Open Mic Comedy Night (Free!! doors 7:30pm)

Saturday 21 May 2016 – J.W. Americana * Donkey Punch * Kitty Glitter

Friday 20 May 2016 – Bellringer * Funeral Horse * Linus Pauling Quartet