Wednesday 26 June 2019 – Board Game Night

Upstairs at Rudyard’s every Wednesday night from 6:30pm – 9:30pm it’s Wednesday Board Game Night.

Gather your friends! Gather your board games! Then come grab a table at Rudyard’s large upstairs playspace every Wednesday night from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. You can arrive solo and without a game too! Just come on up and we’ll get you going.

See you Wednesday everyone,

Tuesday 25 June 2019 – Philosophically Drinking

You know what beats the heat of summer? Philosophy and beer!
It’s Philosophically Drinking time again. Come join us the final Tuesday of each month at Rudyard’s.
Grab a frosty beverage and find us in the side room for another evening of rousing discussion.

This month
Nessa Voss and Silenus Had a Point: The Contemporary Argument for Never Having Been Born.
As always, we’ll kick things off at 7:00 p.m.
at Rudyard’s 2010 Waugh Dr, Houston, TX 77006

Visit our page at:

Monday 24 June 2019 – Rudyard’s Open Mic Comedy Night (Free!! doors 7:30pm)



Houston Press Best of 2013 Winner
Best Open-Mike Comedy Night Houston 2013
“With a decent amount of local talent, Houston deserves more stages to feature homegrown comics. Thankfully, Rudz has stepped forward to devote one night a week to nurturing newcomers and showcasing seasoned vets…you can check out a rotating cast of characters, for free — you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a more fun way to spend a Monday night. Especially if your next Monday night involves going to a funeral. Trust us, this’ll be waaaay funnier.” – Houston Press
Our Free Comedy Open Mic Show Opens At 7:30. Show starts at 8:00

Sunday 23 June 2019 – Grown-Up Storytime Reader’s Workshop (2:30 – 3:30pm)

We can’t have Grown-up STORYtime without STORIES! If you are interested in writing for GUST – please come join us for a workshop Sunday June 23rd from 2:30 – 3:30pm at Rudyard’s British Pub. Free to attend.

What will we do?
Go over the specifics of what makes a GUST story versus other styles of personal narrative and get started with some writing prompts. If you have something you want to have read and be given feedback, there will be plenty of time for that as well.

What do you need to bring?
Something you like writing on or in. If you have any stories that you were thinking about submitting, you can bring those too!

To register, visit:


Saturday 22 June 2019 – Live and Loud Presents: The Suspects, The Inverters, Ryan Scroggins, Los Wasted Tones


The Suspects (Houston, TX)

The Suspects are experimenters, purveyors, and enthusiasts. No one else attempts the things that The Suspects accomplish with mixing ska, rock, reggae, and dub. For more than twenty years, The Suspects many members have blended all the musical things that they love in a huge, Houston-sized pot. The briny results of this effort are not easily named; is it strictly ska? Is it regular old reggae? Or, is it something new that you’ve never heard before? It doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as it makes you happy.

Charlie Esparza and Bill Grady found each other in early 1993 through the bulletin board at the old Westheimer location of Houston’s Sound Exchange records. The other members of the band were found slowly but surely: Alan Hernandez worked with Bill, and Joe Cote had been Bill’s co-worker at a previous job. Andy HockerClaudio DePujadas, and Chris Kendrick all answered fliers posted at Sound Exchange. Thomas Escalante was originally a partner in the record label that released the first two Suspects singles, plus he worked with Bill and Alan at the same time.Ryan Gabbart was barely old enough to drive when he joined the band. Steve Ruth had been a long-time fan of The Suspects when he heard Bill jokingly ask a Fitzgerald’s crowd if, “anybody knew any horn players”. Jason Davis and Jay Brooks were both good friends and members of Middlefinger.

Over nine years, we released four cds, toured the mid-west, and made a lot of friends. The Suspects played their “last show” on Friday August 23rd, 2002 at Fitzgeralds with Middlefinger, Magnetic IV, and Next2Nothing.

Even though most people thought it would never happen, The Suspects played two reunion shows after their breakup: January 19, 2007 and December 23, 2007… both at the Continental Club in Houston, Texas. After thinking about it for a few months, The Suspects decided you can’t ignore a good thing and announced their return to a full-time schedule in the summer of 2008. Thomas Escalante elected to leave the band in January 2015, and original singer Chris Kendrick was asked to rejoin in March.


The Inverters (Austin, TX)

The Inverters have been around since 2011. Making a name for themselves by combining influences from underground music ranging from reggae to two tone ska and punk rock and then some.  To invert something is to upset it. Change it. Go against the norm and flip it around.  With original diehards Al Shire and Mike L. Smith at the helm, The Inverters message is simple. Life experiences make for the anthems. Unity + Tolerance


Ryan Scroggins (Houston, TX)



Los Wasted Tones




Friday 21 June 2019 – Urban Animals 40 Year Reunion: Natives, The Footnotes, Bad Samaritans, Mydolls

Urban Animals 40 Year Reunion
The Natives, The Footnotes, Bad Samaritans, Mydolls



The Natives (Houston, TX)



The Footnotes (Las Cruces, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, Houston, Austin)


Bad Samaritans (Houston, TX)


Mydolls (Houston, TX)