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Thursday 26 March 2015 – 3rd COAST THROW DOWN featuring: The Witherees, DB Rouse, Phillip Alan Zimmerle ft. Geneva Gordon, and Gonzo Ryan (of Snow Indian)

March 26th, 2015 | Comments Off

Acoustic Awesomeness featuring:


The Witherees (Houston, TX)


The Witherees is a two piece band from Houston, TX. The band was officially founded in March of 2011 by Michael Castillo and Jimi Cavazos; but ran as a busking outfit by Castillo, for seveal years prior, along the gulf coast. The songs draws influence from daily life in Houston, heartbreak, happiness, old friends, and the like. Musically it’s a diverse act that pulls sounds from folk, singer/songwriter, punk, alternative, country, and pop.



D.B. Rouse from We All Shit (Austin, TX)




Phillip Alan Zimmerle ft. Geneva Gordon (Houston, TX)



Gonzo Ryan (of Snow Indian)


Doors around 8:00/ Music starts around 9:30
$8 at the door.