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Monday 21 August 2017 – Rudyard’s Open Mic Comedy Night (Free!! doors 7:30pm)

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Houston Press Best of 2013 Winner
Best Open-Mike Comedy Night Houston 2013
With a decent amount of local talent, Houston deserves more stages to feature homegrown comics. Thankfully, Rudz has stepped forward to devote one night a week to nurturing newcomers and showcasing seasoned vets…you can check out a rotating cast of characters, for free — you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a more fun way to spend a Monday night. Especially if your next Monday night involves going to a funeral. Trust us, this’ll be waaaay funnier.” – Houston Press
Our Free Comedy Open Mic Show Opens At 7:30. Show starts at 8:00

Saturday 19 August 2017 – Ak’chamel * Unified Space * Body Fat (doors 8pm)

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Ak’chamel (Houston, TX)

“You can call Ak’chamel experimental, you can call it noise, but you can’t call it ordinary. The way in which they blend sounds to craft a feeling of loneliness and inclusion at the same time is something else.  I like that it’s so different, so similar and yet so familiar, and that it’s executed in the simplest way possible.  Recorded on and released through cassette, Ak’chamel has found a way to do whatever they want and to exist in a world that normally wouldn’t have them. ”  – Free Press Houston



Unified Space (Houston, TX)

Unified Space makes music drawn from the traditions of Krautrock, space music, and improvisation. Swirling psychedelia, motorik rhythms, and minimalism.



Body Fat (Houston, TX)

Embrace your Bodyfat. It rocks.we are a psych noise rock band from Houston Texas formed in 2015 two brothers two cousins . Former members of other bands



$5 Cover

Friday 18 August 2017 – Poor Dumb Bastards * The Velostacks * Hell’s Engine

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Poor Dumb Bastards (Houston, TX)

Poor Dumb Bastards were formed in March 1991 by long time hetero life partners and musical collaborators, Mike Porterfield and Byron Dean. The initial interest was to form a band and a sound that captured the twisted and bizarre sense of humor of the two. Drawing on their collective influences and experiences from some of their earlier work, bands like Cretinoid, Plutonium Flatheads and the Byron Weird Group, Mike and Byron created a genre all their own, hence “Texas Drunk Rock” was born. The now legendary live shows and creative duct tape use, has seen the band through some tough times. The death of Guitarist Hunter Ward in 2007 almost put an end to the journey. In 2008 PDB decided to get together and finish the album “Price of Rebellion” a fitting tribute to Hunter. PDB has won three Houston Press band of the year awards and one song of the year in 1997 for the at the time unreleased classic true story of “My Dad Two Whores and a Crackpipe”. Poor Dumb Bastard’s second ever show was opening for Smashing Pumpkins at the now closed Emo’s Houston. Playing with bands like Fear, Killdozer, Joan Jett, Marky Ramone, and many more. This enabled PDB to carve their initials on the bathroom door of the Texas music scene. Through the many years and many lineup changes, these Ill-minded sewer rockers have stayed true to their founding principals. POWER, PERFORMANCE, PERVERSION


The Velostacks

The Velostacks (Houston, TX)

Motorcycles. Leather. Rock n’ Roll. Vive La Velostacks!!! Although originally starting in 2013, it was 2014 that saw The Velostacks transition from a nearly dead idea to a one of Houston’s hardest working rock n’ roll bands. Following a chance meeting at a motorcycle rally, Curtis W. DeGidio (Chrome Kickers, Chelsea Hotel, The Guillotines) and Donnie Stokes (UGH, Satanic Overlords of Rock n’ Roll) quickly went to work. Houston music scene legend, J.R. Delgado (Sugarshack, Humungos, Screech of Death) was brought aboard on bass guitar, with Arthur Hayes (The Next) jumping in on drums and Richard Crishock (Mister Pink, Texas Mod Crushers, Johnny Rioux and the Seven One Three) rounding out on lead guitar. After playing a fury of shows around Houston and Austin, Dave Ng (Latchkey Kids) was brought aboard to take over drums. Playing many gigs and constantly writing, The Velostacks recorded the “I Live and Die for Rock n’ Roll”, b/w “FU and Your Cocaine & “Brain Dead Cagers” single. As the undisputed kings of motorcycle leather rock n’ roll, The Velostacks, with help of their dedicated fan base ,The Sleazestack Militia, declared their intent of raising Hell and taking names. Late 2015 saw more personnel changes as Curtis moved from rhythm guitar to guitar and lead vocals. Bass duties were picked up by Houston’s rock n’ roll legend Christian “The GFN” Best (The Down and Dirties, Hell City Kings, Whiskey River Revival) and drums passed to Nate Bandor (The Grizzly Band). With this lineup, The Velostacks will be entering the studio in December 2015 to record their first LP “Black Magic & Motor Oil” due out in early 2017.



Hell’s Engine (Houston, TX)

Under dogs of the scene with a very big, nasty bite…. These four Houston punk rock n’ rollas originally formed in 2004, and after both a hiatus and some restructuring, reformed in 2015. With only a self-titled demo recording to claim, they’ve recently hit the studio and released a new EP. If that’s not enough, their single “Chopper Slut” will be released on a 7-inch vinyl split with New Jersey’s Electric Frankenstein on Self Destructo records this fall, 2016. With influences like Turbonegro, Motorhead and D.R.I…… Hell’s Engine will surely not be running low on fuel anytime soon.

Thursday 17 August 2017 – “Chicken Soup for the Soulless” Lonestar Lunacy starring Al Bahmani * Slim Bloodworth * Warren Wright

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It’s Chicken Soup For The Soulless 
Lonestar Lunacy starring Al Bahmani, Slim Bloodworth, Warren Wright
August 17, 2017
Tickets $7 or 2 for $10

I’ll be recording a special set at Rudyard’s British Pub with Slim Bloodworth, Warren Wright & more insanity you can shake a stick at! – Al Bahmani



Al Bahmani (Los Angeles)

Al Bahmani is a self-described “silly human being”, but more than that, his comedy makes the world a better place, one joke at a time. A native of Houston, Texas, he has no trace of the region’s accent. Similarly, his material has a universal appeal that transcends niche demographics of age, race and gender. If Al Bahmani were a Comedy Super Hero, he would be Everyman.

With his Jerry-Lewis-meets-Latino-John-Oliver good looks and carefully honed, dorky charm, Al’s quirky thoughts reveal that nothing is as it seems. Al Bahmani’s alchemy of observations quickly turn every day events into bizarre scenarios, and his comedic insights render any attempt at normalcy futile. His comedy will forever make you wonder how you never thought of something before; you will never be the same again; and you will be glad for it!

Al Bahmani started doing stand-up in 2001 while doing videos for the Laff Stop’s in-house sketch group, “Bosco’s”. Since then, he has honed his delivery to a polished ease with expert timing at such clubs as LOL Beaumont, Laff Stop, and Comedy Showcase. Perhaps more telling are his accolades outside of the traditional comedy circuit, including: Winner of Best Gross Out at 2012 Splatterfest; his Feature Set at Occupy Houston; and performing at the South By Due East Music Festival 2007/2008. Multi-talented, Al Bahmani also received the Bronze Remi for Best Original Comedy Short at Worldfest Film Festival 2012, he’s performed poetry at the Beat Museum Poetry Festival in San Francisco, and this past year he has been shooting, writing, and producing “Call Zaul”, a series of Super Villain Attorney commercials for Funny or Die. He has shot and co-produced video projects with Allah Made Me Funny’s Mo Amer. Al Bahmani’s most recent creative outlet has taken the form of sharing his stories on stage at The Moth story telling slams. He even wrote part of a synagogue’s musical for Purim Spiel… and he’s not even Jewish!



Slim Bloodworth (Houston, TX)

Picture Slim is a comedy natural and a MUST see for those who like their comedy with a subtle dose of reality! One of North America’s top storytellers, Slims sage like humor has a youthful twist that is both brutally honest and seriously funny. The Louisiana born Texas native began her comedy career in Houston, TX at the legendary Laff Stop Comedy Club in 1999. The Houston comedy scene at that time was noted for developing comics who would boldly take on risky subjects that others would desperately avoid, and Slim is no exception. Recanting her own true life reality check, Slim onstage is a ball of freewheeling, good-humored energy that is physical and expressive, covering subjects that range from cultural and social mishaps to things you wish you would have said, and things you wish you didn’t. Slim has toured Korea, Kuwait and Iraq performing for the troops and played venues ranging from comedy clubs and theaters to bars, bowling alleys and everything in between!


Warren Wright (Houston, TX)

You ever hear about those comedians that abuse the F-word like a crutch onstage? I’m the worst one.




Tuesday 15 August 2017 – Bootown presents Grown Up Storytime #105 (8pm & 10pm shows)

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Grown-Up Generic

Bootown – (Houston, TX )

The Grown-up Storytime series takes place the third Tuesday of every month at 8pm and 10pm (that’s right, TWO shows per night) atRudyard’s British Pub, a bar and venue located in the heart of Montrose. You send us stories, we pick the best ones, and assign them to a rotating crack-squad of expert story readers who show up the night of and wow our socks and/or pants off. It’s on a Tuesday – what else are you going to do? AND…it’s only $5.

Interested in submitting a story or reading someone else’s story?!? Email us at grownupstorytime@bootown.org or fill out the handy dandy form below!

“…BooTown’s totally amazing, super original and completely hilarious show, Grown-Up Storytime.”
~ Lydia O’Neil of Examiner.com

“BooTown’s a party!”
~Salvador Chevez

“How has Houston survived without BooTown’s monthly “Grown-up Storytime” comedy bash?”
~Joel Luks of CultureMap

Saturday 19 August 2017 – Ak’chamel * Unified Space * Body Fat (doors 8pm)

Friday 18 August 2017 – Poor Dumb Bastards * The Velostacks * Hell’s Engine

Thursday 17 August 2017 – “Chicken Soup for the Soulless” Lonestar Lunacy starring Al Bahmani * Slim Bloodworth * Warren Wright

Tuesday 15 August 2017 – Bootown presents Grown Up Storytime #105 (8pm & 10pm shows)

Tuesday 15 August 2017 – Industry Night Karaoke @11pm

Monday 14 August 2017 – Rudyard’s Open Mic Comedy Night (Free!! doors 7:30pm)

Saturday 12 August 2017 – Texas Massacre * Toxic Shock * ESE * Supergrave (doors 8pm)