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Thursday 31 July 2014 – Elizabeth Carol K * Beauty Minus Beast * Cavern Hymnal (doors 8pm)

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Elizabeth Carol K (Chicago, Il)


“Elizabeth Carol K…” (whose full name is quite too complicated to use when performing) started performing professionally in 2008. The solo performer began with only her very expressive voice and an acoustic guitar, but has now expanded her stage presence by adding percussion (her trusty tambourine) and a looper to create live harmonies, giving her the opportunity to create an even broader dynamic range during her sets.

“Elizabeth Carol K…” enchants audiences with her fresh take on classic songs and her drive to bring wonderful but more obscure songs to a mainstream audience. She delights in taking songs traditionally sung by male vocalists and subtly changing the words to make them for suitable for a female vocalist.

By doing such things, “Elizabeth Carol K…” reminds audiences just how universal feelings can be and reminds us of the common threads that tie us all together.


Beauty Minus Beast  (Chicago, Il)


Beauty Minus Beast started with just one song and five hours of recording time. Having only known each other for a short while, Hank and Ian entered the studio with little more than some shared aspirations and scribbled words on notebook paper. Wanting to utilize the studio space as best they could, they enlisted the help of a nearby horn player and, with the aide of veteran producer Bobby Scumaci, the track they eventually cut turned into “I Don’t Want To Fall In Love”.

Excited at the sound they had created, and wanting to capitalize on the momentum of the project, the two quickly put together a ragtag group of musicians from other bands they had worked with in the past, and in one week in May 2013 recorded their self-titled debut album, “Beauty Minus Beast”.

The record, which was released independently a couple months later, instantly became very popular among local groups of friends in Chicago. Having already been playing the songs acoustic around the city, Hank decided to make Beauty Minus Beast a full band, and recruited Ian on keys and Charlie on drums.

Two follow-up singles were then quickly recorded, the acoustic “Modern Times”, and the bittersweet “Be Sad With Me”, featuring guest vocals from Elizabeth Carol K.



Cavern Hymnal (Houston, TX)

Cavern Hymnal is a folk-rock band from Houston. Led by Mary Kate Spawn, the group writes great songs and delivers engaging live shows. The band is currently working on an EP to be released this summer.

“Their music was an amalgam of indie rock and folk. The strumming vibrated off the walls and floor, up your legs, and into your skull. Cavern Hymnal played a trick however. Indie Folk music carries a certain vibe of relaxation and calm. Sharespace was well into its beer when the last song played, slow and melodic, relaxing almost, but then came a crescendo of drums and guitar like a splash of water. End on a high note? Sure, why not.” – Free Press Houston