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Tuesday 26 July 2016 – Pegstar presents Antique Scream (all ages)

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Antique Scream (Phoenix, AZ)

“It’s destructively rowdy, and… centered in the moment.” –Simon McCormack, The Alibi

“The band’s inability to hold back its collective force, even at a sparsely attended gig many bands wouldn’t unpack their gear for, is equally inspiring.” –Serene Dominic, Phoenix New Times

“The band has cultivated a reputation for intense, engaging live shows.” –Mike R. Meyer, Phoenix New Times

“Rutledge is a solid songwriter and a dexterous guitar player — he focuses on infectious guitar hooks that recall …60s psychedelic and garage grooves.” –Niki D’Andrea, Phoenix New Times

“One of my new fav’s on the local front.” –Jolene, KISW 99.9FM, Seattle

“Antique Scream is so great… they are in your face sexy rock music and I love that.” – Dagmar Sieglinde, Back Beat Seattle

“We bet that in just a few years that Antique Scream will be among America’s most wanted.” –Anti-Snob.com

“If they’re playing near you, I’d highly advise you get your ass down to see them.” –Invisible Sound

“I was entranced by an infectious set of beats, jammin’ hooks and tough riffs, anchored by a fuzzy bass.” –Kent Manthie

“Antique Scream is simply great hard rock that’s too catchy to be blues-based. -JR Taylor, Black&White City Paper

“A mix of classic old school metal beats, chugging bass and hard guitar riffs, these guys are as professional as it gets and put on one hell of a show.” –The Music Nerds


Tuesday July 26, 2016
Pegstar presents Antique Scream
$10, all ages, doors 8pm


Tickets Available at:


Monday 25 July 2016 – Rudyard’s Open Mic Comedy Night (Free!! doors 7:30pm)

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Houston Press Best of 2013 Winner
Best Open-Mike Comedy Night Houston 2013
With a decent amount of local talent, Houston deserves more stages to feature homegrown comics. Thankfully, Rudz has stepped forward to devote one night a week to nurturing newcomers and showcasing seasoned vets…you can check out a rotating cast of characters, for free — you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a more fun way to spend a Monday night. Especially if your next Monday night involves going to a funeral. Trust us, this’ll be waaaay funnier.” – Houston Press
Our Free Comedy Open Mic Show Opens At 7:30. Show starts at 8:00

Sunday 24 July 2016 – Texas Tea Regional Poetry Slam (doors 6:30pm)

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Sunday July 24, 2016
Texas Tea Regional Poetry Slam
doors 6:30pm
event begins at 7pm
$10, 21+


The Houston VIP Poetry Slam monthly slam allows 12 poets to compete for a spot on the Houston VIP National Poetry Slam Team. The top 12 ranking poets at the end of the slam season (August-March) will compete in the Grand Slam. The top 5 placed poems in the Grand Slam will move on to represent Houston at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, CA in August 2014. Our rules are fairly simple:

  • All poems need to be under the 3:10 min time limit. Your time starts the moment you engage the audience in word or action.

  • No props, costumes, or animal acts.

  • There is no repeating poems during the slam season, with the exception of the Grand Slam and specialty slams (IE: You can repeat Slam, WOWips & IWPS Qualifier Slams). If you repeat a poem in a prohibited slam, you will receive a score of a zero for that poem.

  • You must sign off on your poems at the end of the slam to verify name of your poem and score.

  • Slam spots are first come first serve and cannot be held for you if you are not at the venue in time.


Houston VIP Poetry Slam (Houston, TX)

The Houston VIP Poetry Slam team was founded in 2009 as the H-Town Slam Team by Marcell Murphy, Deborah “D.E.E.P.” Mouton, Seth Walker and Vincent “Black Blues” Johnson. In 2011, our name was changed to the Houston VIP Slam Team and we became a program of Expressions-EWCOC. It’s mission includes creating community where writers can come to create, practice, and sharpen their skills for the page and the stage. Through the medium of slam poetry, we are able to bring literacy to the forefront. Our blend of writing an theatrics cause for an engaging and entertaining take on life, and offers our writers the chance to “spit” about their issues and experiences that concern them and their communities.

In 2013, The Houston VIP Poetry Slam was ranked #2 in the nation’s best group performers. In 2014, Houston VIp were semi-finalists in the National Poetry Slam and ranked as the best poetry slam team in the state of Texas!

To further our mission, we offer monthly writing workshops, as well as, a monthly slam poetry competition. Our competitions are judged by 5 random audience members. Those 12 poets who favor the best with our audience over our slam season will compete in our Grand Slam at the end of March. The best 5 will make the National team to represent Houston at the National Poetry Slam Competition for the year.

By blending a healthy competition with immediate audience feedback, writers in our community grow leaps and bounds and are able to find a voice here, where they may have never found one before.

Don’t believe us, just stop by a slam and be amazed!



Saturday 23 July 2016 – I-Terra * Great White Fire * Pushmen * Hydrilla (doors 8pm)

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I-Terra (Houston, TX)




Great White Fire (Houston, TX)




Pushmen (Austin, TX)

“The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts” – Aristotle

The pedigree of Pushmens parts are impressive to begin with. This in turn makes the ‘whole’ a brutalizing result with years of experience, style and attitude to back it up. Aptly named after the Japanese subway workers who physically stuff human beings into crowded Tokyo commuter trains, Pushmen do the same to your sensibilities. The punishing brand of metal they force upon their audience can often leave the uninitiated confused and claustrophobic but pregnant with the sense they are headed in the right direction.


Born screaming in Austin Texas, Pushmen come from a long line of heavy nobility. At its core are vocalist Craig Moore, guitarist Joey Cortez, and drummer Kevin Fender. All three are former members of the now defunct late 90’s thrash noise metal group ‘Employer Employee’. After releases on Relapse Records and Robotic Empire, ‘Employer’ called it quits in early 2003. The 3 spent the next 8 years in Austin’s musical wild frightening locals in numerous heavy incarnations. “I feel the time I’ve spent playing, writing and recording over the past 10 years has been in preparation for Pushmen” says guitarist Cortez (Also of Ratking and Sea of 1000) “this is the music I am supposed to make.”


In late 2011 joined by NYC noise immigrant ‘Cooper’ on bass it became clear what direction the band should take… HEAVY! “Now that the idea of metal and punk can be so many different things, I refuse to pick one” says Cooper (also from Made out of Babies/Bad Powers/Players Club). It shows: Pushmen are a big bang of influences. They seem to possess the math of contemporaries like Keelhaul with the groove of Rwake, and the dexterity and intelligence of Mastodon with the guttural cries of Early Rollins Band. Riffs that can make you feel uneasy and safe at the same time like Helmet.
The last piece of the puzzle came in the form of guitarist Mark Nathan. “The texture of his leads and the smoothness of his personal style was exactly what we needed to set ourselves apart” says singer Moore (also of Ratking and Sea of 1000). If Pushmen are truly the big bang, then Mark (also lead guitarist of Heartless Bastards) brings the order from chaos to its universe.


‘The Sun Will Rise Soon on the False and the Fair’ is the debut release from Pushmen, out April 2013 on The End Records. Its 9 blistering tracks will not release you until you beg it to. It is an Opus born from the years of experience that seems to have finally come together for these five metal journeymen. Its sheer weight coupled with swirling guitars is perfectly complimented with an agonized vocal timber that is just plain haunting. The opening vocals of ‘Amass’ has been compared to a locked out lover screaming from a projects empty courtyard. As desperate as he sounds he is never let back inside.


Upon repeated listening, this debut gives you the sneaking suspicion that Pushmen have a hidden agenda. Something far more sinister might be at play between the notes. When asked to comment about this feeling of uneasiness drummer Kevin Fender (also¬ ex-member of ‘The Sword’) had only this to say. “The Pushmen goal is to find the right combination of notes, beats and rhythms that will in effect create a wormhole large enough for the listener to travel back in time and punch himself in the face for all the years they are about to waste listening to shitty music. Because in our reality that time has gone.”
In early 2013, Hydrilla was formed in Deer Park, TX, just southeast of Houston, by four experienced musicians. Cross-pollinating influences from various styles of rock and metal, Hydrilla has a unique, heavy Southern rock sound.

Friday 22 July 2016 – Since Always * Super Robot Party * Pura Pharm * Brock Boehm (doors 8pm)

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Since Always (Houston, TX)

Since Always is an Shoe-Gaze band from Houston TX.

“There’s a an embellished beauty to this band that is only exemplified by the unadorned nature of the songs they perform.” – Free Press Houston



Super Robot Party (Houston, TX)

I hadn’t seen Super Robot Party, but I know the guys from 10 years ago. Matt Crow was in mytwilightpilot, and there’s a definite mtp stamp on their sound, but the vocals take the band in a decidedly britpop direction, so it comes out a little like if you slowed down and then Americanized the sound of Doves. in other words, beautiful!- Jason Smith – spacecityrock.com

Super Robot Party: This new reverb-laden five piece crafts ethereal shoegaze drones, touched with tidbits of folk. The experimental mixture sounds a lot like someone’s garage in 1991, heck even a blend of several garages on the street, full of kids and guitars. The Pasadena group has nearly three dozen tracks available on Soundcloud, or for the full experience, catch them tonight at Dean’s with Jealous Creatures and A Sundae Drive.-Marc Brubaker – The Houston Press




PuraPharm (Houston, TX)


“Holy God in Tifa’s 7th Heaven, have you heard this girl? It’s like Nina Hagen was fronting the Legendary Pink Dots! She’s got a voice like a living orgasm that just pounds right out of a wall of psychedelic rock until you fall on the floor like the heroin just kicked in. No wonder she’s up for a Best Female Vocal award this year. ” – Jef With One F – Houston Press: Rocks Off 100

PuraPharm was formed in 2007 by Tessa Kole and Niki Sims. Tessa was looking for a new project after 61 Cygni – her former project – when her drummer, Eric Jarvis, moved on to pursue his dreams becoming more involved in professional recording & production. Tessa and Niki were coworkers at the time, and Niki was one of 61 Cygni’s biggest fans. Niki was usually not old enough to get into all the gigs, but she would find a way every time; whether she had to sneak in the back by helping lug in gear, or hide out in a bathroom for an hour before the venue would start carding at the door, she was always determined to find a way into the show!

In 2005, Tessa approached Niki with an opportunity to start something new from the ground up – Tessa doing what she does best by leading the band by bringing her vocal talents and guitar playing, and Niki rocking a saxophone and clarinet – which they named PuraPharm. Soon afterwards, Paul Adams (former bass player, and founding member of 61 Cygni) joined in on bass guitar. In 2009, a second guitar player came into the mix named Anthony “Tony” Rodriguez. Tony really helped the band to discover their new and unique sound, but he left the band in October of 2012, and was quickly replaced by Davis Jumper. Like Tony, Davis has brought another new element to PuraPharm’s sound, and still with us today. While the songs had been driven with programmed drum arrangements since the beginning, live drummers came along in 2013; first Josh Lastrapes for about 5 months, then John Polinski. In September of 2014 our newest drummer, Daniel Haymes, joined the band.

In 2012 PuraPharm and its members were nominated for five Houston Press Music Awards; Best Modern Rock Band, Best Vocalist, Best Bassist, Best Guitarist, and Best Other Instrument. Niki Sims won her nomination for Best Other Instrument, thanks to her saxophone and clarinet skills!

Purapharm is currently writing, recording, and very much an active part of the Houston music scene. We play regularly at local venues and even tour around the Gulf Coast region once in a while. Our live shows are the best part of being in this band; we enjoy every opportunity we can get to bring our energy to the stage, and love to be in the company of our friends and fans!



Brock Boehm (Houston, TX)


Doors at 8pm
$8 cover
21 and up
9:30pm: Brock Boehm (acoustic set)
10pm: PuraPharm
11pm: Super Robot Party
12am: Since Always





Monday 25 July 2016 – Rudyard’s Open Mic Comedy Night (Free!! doors 7:30pm)

Sunday 24 July 2016 – Texas Tea Regional Poetry Slam (doors 6:30pm)

Saturday 23 July 2016 – I-Terra * Great White Fire * Pushmen * Hydrilla (doors 8pm)

Friday 22 July 2016 – Since Always * Super Robot Party * Pura Pharm * Brock Boehm (doors 8pm)

Thursday 21 July 2016 – Pulse Width Mod * Funeral Parlor * Markos Grave w/ D.Allen * Delphine Coma DJ

Wednesday 20 July 2016 – The Two Tens * The Killer Hearts

Tuesday 19 July 2016 – Bootown presents Grown Up Storytime #92 (8pm & 10pm shows)

Monday 18 July 2016 – Rudyard’s Open Mic Comedy Night (Free!! doors 7:30pm)

Sunday 17 July 2016 – Pegstar presents: Speedealer * Hell’s Engine * Baron Von Bomblast (all ages, doors 8pm)

Saturday 16 July 2016 – Empty Shells * Escatones * Darwin’s Finches * Ziel Zuster (doors 8pm)